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Wearbest Weavers Now Supplying Hospital Gowns

GARFIELD, N.J. – Wearbest Weavers, LLC has been committed to mobilizing their technology to support and serve medical personnel since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks, Wearbest pivoted their production from performance textiles to weaving PPE fabric, and is now supplying fully tailored medical gowns.

The medical gowns are made with fabrics that are tested for ANSI/AAMI PB 70 standards for Barrier Levels I, II and III. These fabrics are constructed with durable, washable materials. The fabrics were retested after 50 commercial laundering settings in high temperatures as recommended by the CDC with consistent results.

“The healthcare industry primarily uses disposable gowns, for us to be competitive and environmentally conscious we took the extra diligence and effort to develop a washable gown that can be reused”, said Salman Chaudhry, director of Operations.

The entire supply chain of these gowns is Berry Compliant. From raw materials to the finished product, everything is domestically sourced and Made in the USA. Production will not be impacted by any restrictions or disruptions on or by foreign imports.

Greg Thomases, vice president of Wearbest parent company Swavelle adds, “The most efficient way to help during this crisis is to offer a fully finished product. Our fabric is woven in NJ, finished in NC, and the gowns are fabricated in NY.  We are very proud to offer a Made in the USA product.”

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