Samples of many of the Bella Dura fabric colors and designed, organized by color.

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About Us

The Swavelle Group is widely recognized for its unparalleled commitment to quality, exceptional customer service and a remarkable range of on-trend textiles fit for every need. Staying true to our fashion industry roots, we take great care to ensure each fabric is as beautiful as it is durable. A dedicated design team appreciates the distinct needs of each customer and situation, expertly curating or customizing comprehensive solutions. From all-natural woven blends to all-weather, microbe-resistant performance fabrics, you’ll find our beautiful, durable, fabrics in RVs, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, resorts, stadiums, cruise ships, yachts, hotels, and homes across North America.

Under the leadership of Greg Thomases who took the helm as CEO in 2020, and Jeff Thomases who serves as Chairman, the Swavelle Group sources and manufactures worldwide and in a mill in Garfield, New Jersey. We are committed to protecting the environment and invest in sustainable business and manufacturing practices. In fact, the company proudly manufactures the only fiber on the market that begins as a by-product and ends its life as a fully recyclable product.

With a legacy of more than 50 years meeting the fabric and textile needs of corporations and consumers, you can trust that Swavelle Group’s got you covered.

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Our History

The Swavelle Group is one of America’s leading family-owned textile companies, trusted for generations by discerning insiders across the industry, from retail and contract to indoor, outdoor, RV to residential.

The Swavelle story begins in 1966 when entrepreneur Fred Thomases parlayed a passion for fashion into the creation of a business, successfully selling popular Moire fabrics to the residential market. 

Founder of Swavelle Fred Thomases

1966 – 1969

Fred Thomases started business named Swavelle which produced and sold only Moire fabrics. In 1969 Jeff Thomases joins Swavelle.

Piermont Fabrics Logo

1970 – 1971

1970: Formed Piermont Fabrics – Entered Novelty Prints and Drapery business.

1971: Formed Piermont Mills – Began selling the RV industry.

people cutting an opening day ribbon in black and white


Jeff Thomases formed a holding company to buy Swavelle and other home furnishings divisions under one ownership group, selling jobbers, retailers, the RV Industry, bedding and drapery manufacturers.

Black and white picture of Richard Hanfling


1989: Richard Hanfling joined the organization and began the decorative print and multi-purpose business.

Swavelle team member looking at fabric swatches

1990 – 1993

1990: David Thomases joined the organization in export sales.

1993: The Upholstery Division was formed. Started converting upholstery product, importing from Italy and Belgium.

Profil picture of Greg Thomases

2000 – 2003

2000: Greg Thomases joined the organization as a sales associate.

2003: Swavelle acquires TFA.

clip art of a city skyline


Swavelle Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formed.

india flag color in a circle with a wheel in it


Swavelle Trading India Private Limited was formed.

Swavelle's new CEO looking at fabric swatches

2019 – 2020

2019: Swavelle acquires Wearbest, a domestic weaving facility and the Bella Dura Brand.

2020: Greg Thomases becomes CEO.

Swavelle Group Logo with background


Company started doing business as Swavelle Group with 6 textile brands: Swavelle, Swavelle USA, TFA, Bella Dura Home, Bella Dura, and Swavelle USA Contract.

Swavelle fabrics and threads on a wire shelf

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