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Bella Dura Performance Fabric

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High Quality Performance Fabric

Performance fabric set the industry standard for durability. These materials separate themselves from traditional fabric because they’re water repellent, easier to clean and less likely to stain. Bella Duraoffers performance fabric that exceed expectations on every level.

Bella Dura fabric are high-performance materials that resist pilling, staining or fading, making them ideal for nearly any design application.

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Bella Dura Proprietary Technology

We proudly weave our Bella Dura high performance fabric in the U.S. with a proprietary 100% polyolefin fiber, the only fiber on the market that begins its life as a by-product and ends as a completely recyclable material. This material is highly sustainable as it requires less energy, minimal water, and doesn’t produce harmful industrial waste.

At the end of their life cycle, these fabrics and yarns are sent back to Bella Dura and inserted into a recycle stream where they’re converted into reusable materials used in various industries and applications.

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Features and Benefits

Bella Dura performance fabric is the most durable of its kind, setting itself apart from the competition across many industry standards.

The primary features and benefits include:

  • Abrasion Resistance: Heavy-duty abrasion meets or exceeds ACT standards at 50,000 double rubs, minimum.
  • Lightfastness Properties: Bella Dura fabric meets or exceeds 1500 lightfast hours and resists fading, even when exposed to the sun or dry temperatures.
  • Cleanability: Our performance fabrics are 100% stain-resistant and bleach cleanable.
  • Solution-Dyed: This environmentally friendly process ensures the color is part of the fiber to prevent fading or rubbing.
  • Mildew Resistance: Bella Dura resists mildew for the fabric’s lifetime. Mildew caused by dirt is safely removable with bleach.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to bleach and harsh chemicals.
  • Custom Design Capabilities: Our design team offers custom design development to meet your brand’s aesthetic. With personalized designs, custom colorways, and quick turnaround – the possibilities are limitless.

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Bella Dura performance fabrics have the versatility to meet the needs of various applications, indoors or out. They work well for an extensive project range, from boat upholstery to outdoor patio cushions to interior throw pillows. Our fabrics are popular throughout various industries, including:

  • Contract 
  • Hospitality: Beyond the performance factors, the limitless color options and stylish pattern designs allow hospitality projects to stand out.
  • Healthcare: Bella Dura excels in the healthcare industry because it’s easy to clean and can handle bleach and disinfectant solutions.
  • Maritime: Bella Dura patterns treated with our IMO finish adhere to strict requirements for IMO certification. These fabrics are also compliant for use with the U.S. Coast Guard, Canada and Europe.
  • Manufacturing: These materials are durable for the most demanding manufacturing applications, including applications in the furniture industry and commercial upholstery.

Bella Dura fabrics exceed the most demanding contract applications, specifically those that require a little extra durability, like family life and challenging workplace environments.

Where To Purchase

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Find Bella Dura Performance Fabrics Today

If you’re a distributor or furniture manufacturer interested in selling Bella Dura performance fabrics, reach out to us online today. If you are a consumer wanting to learn more about our products and how they can benefit you, contact the Bella Dura distributor nearest you.

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