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We are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions about the products we manufacture, mitigating our impact on the environment. We are devoted to integrating sustainable practices into our design and manufacturing processes as well as our every day office rituals.

This commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking principles guides us toward collaborating with like-minded partners and organizations. We are enthusiastic about contributing to the well-being of our planet through repurposing, recycling, and upcycling as well as other conservation efforts to make the world better, one fabric at a time.

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We Are Going PFAS Free

The Swavelle Group is committed to providing customers quality textiles that are free from harmful chemicals such as the PFAS. PFAS is a group of complex chemicals known as  “Forever Chemicals” that are used in coatings and finishes  to resist stains and liquids. PFAS exposure can have a harmful impact on human health and the environment. We are committed to working with our suppliers for safer, alternative products for customers who feel they need extra protection.

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Consciously Designing To Protect Our Future

Consciously designing for a sustainable future, our domestically made Bella Dura and Swavelle USA Brands are made using upcycled, recycled and natural yarns. What does this mean? Significantly less water and energy usage and no harmful industrial waste.

Our Bella Dura brand utilizes the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product and ends its life as a 100% fully recyclable product. In addition, the yarns used are solution dyed and significantly reduce water and energy usage as compared to the traditional wet process.

Certified recycled yarns are used in the production of Swavelle USA fabrics. Post-industrial, recycled cotton/polyester yarns are made from apparel waste and processed back into usable fibers. No additional chemicals or dyes are used which means substantially less energy and water is used and no environmental pollution.

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Sustainable Initiatives

The Swavelle Group is committed to being an environmentally, socially and economically responsible company. We strive to collaborate with our employees, suppliers, customers and local communities to be aware of, and to minimize our environmental impact by:

  • Continuous education on sustainable practices to protect our planet and base all of our actions on these learnings
  • Designing responsibly
  • Constant improvement in reducing energy and water consumption
  • Reducing waste sent to landfills by encouraging reuse and recycling

We commit socially to: 

  • Being a diverse and inclusive employer
  • Treating our employees with dignity, respect and transparency
  • Becoming active members of our local communities by giving time and resources to improve their well-being

Our economic pledge includes:

  • Choosing recycled/upcycled products over non, even if the cost is more
  • Strengthening the communities we live and work in through encouraging employee volunteerism and giving

Comfort and Style That’s Good For The Planet

Our eco friendly and sustainable fabrics can be used across all the markets we serve. Being environmentally friendly means, our fabrics have longevity, don’t have added chemicals and make you feel good about using them.

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Helping The Environment One Fabric At A Time

Swavelle Group domestically produces sustainable fabrics with unparalleled performance, durability, and artistry. We leverage our 50+ years’ experience in the fabric industry to impart the highest quality solutions for our customers. Contact us to learn more about our sustainable products.

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